Love Song


(I don’t know when I wrote this, but I stumbled across it today. It reads like it was after a loved one died, all that “our private world shrinking” etc., but it is not dated.)

The universe expands;
The global headcount
And light years
And seas of faces
Spiral dizzily,
The tensely coiled
Mainspring of
Spins out
As our private world
Hour by
Hour and
One by

The numbers are so vast
They collapse into
Only the simplest numbers
Make sense: you and
I, the people we call
Family and the people
We call friend,
Intricate motifs
Vibrating in the brash
Symphonic sprawl
Of time.

We stand at the
You and I,
Crowded and alone.
We scatter our ashes
Into the abyss
And circle close,
Banking the fires
Of our diminished
hearts so that,
fewer, we may burn

There is no other time
And nothing
else worth doing:
Love like you have never
Loved before; like you will never
Love again; love everyone you can,
Like there is no yesterday
And no tomorrow; love
Each consequential
And inconsequential
Whisper of life,
Each soul that brushes
Ours, anonymously
Or passionately; by design
Or accident.
We are all alone.
We have nothing
But each other.

Love without beginning
And without end,
Without fear and without
Limit; hold nothing back.
Love like you always
Wanted to be loved and always
Dreamed you would,
Without rancor, remorse
Or recrimination,
With every cell in your
Body, with every thought,
With every breath
And every heartbeat,
Love as though your life
Depends on it.

Look up.
Behold the light
Of stars a trillion
Years dead
Traversing infinity
To fall upon your
The millrace
Of time echoes
With music vanished
Civilizations made
On instruments
Long since turned to
Feel the reverberant
Echoes, the distant music
of their vanished lives
fills you with longing
and desire.

Forget your anger and
Your guilt. Forget the
Careless injury that
Has never been redressed.
Forget the apology
That never came,
The answer that was
Never given,
The compliment
Never paid or repaid,
The explanation never offered.
Forget the pain needlessly
Inflicted; the
gratitude withheld that should
Have been given;
The injustice of the debt
Unpaid; the anguish
Of the offer spurned;
The unkindness, the barbarous
And unfeeling injury,
The myriad stupidities,
The brute insensate
Wrongness of every
Painful solitary sorrow
You have ever
Needlessly endured.
Offer them up.
Drop them like
The ashes of the
Dead into the
Sea of forgiveness.

Love instead.
Love as though you have no choice,
No alternative, no other possible
Vocation, no other
Road that could be taken,
No other word or thought
Or gesture possible.
Love like the sun
Gives light,
Without thought or
Like the trees
Breathe perfume, unbidden.
Wash in the waters of love,
Burn in the fires of love,
Be swept in the music
Of love and tossed
In the wind of love,
For no other reason
Than that you
You were
Born to love.

Join hands.
In a circle, dance.
Around the fire, dance.
Upon the beach
Under the stars,
Let the waves beat time
And the wind pipe
Melodies through the trees,
Hymns of mourning
And psalms of exaltation.
For one moment
Yield to the
Rhythm of the dance;
For one moment,
That moment, now;


(The art: Chagall, Veronese, grafitti, Veronese, Bonnat, Caravaggio, Veronese, Cocteau, Reubens, Tintoretto)

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