Choosing three (each under 35 lines) was nearly impossible, but not… I had help.


(if you click on it, it’s easier to read. I’m still not entirely in control here…


Three from the Guggenheim Collection, Venice



  1. Henri Laurens, Testa di ragazzina, terra cotta, 1920

A Greek muse,
her profile
fractured along
pensive and severe,
blithe and lovely,
turned this way
and that
each faces
a different



2. Franz Kline, Senza Titolo, ink on paper

Chinese character
hastily brushed on a bank
of slow-melting snow.


            3. Luigi Russolo, Solidita’ della Nebbia (Solidity of Fog), 1912, oil on canvas

Bright blue world
refracted all cubist by the
brutal searchlights
of camps not yet built
beyond trenches not yet dug
for wars not yet fought.

But it’s nothing, really,
only the twisted fog previewing
freak shows soon to go off like popcorn
in the red hot time machine.

Hallucination becomes memory
on the deja vu merry-go-round of mushroom clouds
and backyard bomb shelters
instead of barbecues.

It is the One-Step-Forward-
through the cosmic soup of time,
flashing all stroboscopic
with the solidity of fog.











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